Talks and Presentations

I have a gorgeous collection of American and English antique and vintage quilts. I am a bit of a history buff and I have enjoyed studying these quilts, the stories they reveal about the lives of their makers, and even American social history. I have taken a quilt Restoration/Conservation course and the AQS Appraisers course.

Quilts are tactile – I always want to touch them. So, for my talks I will bring a selection of these quilts – not pictures, the actual quilts – and use them to underpin and illustrate the talk. I’ll also bring some white gloves so that afterwards you can get up close to them. And of course you can take photos, just make sure you credit The Quilt Lady if you put them anywhere public.


  • A brief journey through American history.
    Quilts and the stories they could tell. Travels – more rambles actually – through 180 years of America’s quilting story and about the same of the country’s history, where they tie together.
  • What’s in a name?
    All about signature quilts.
  • A woman’s work is never done.
    This looks at the everyday life of ordinary Americans and where and how quilting fitted in to that. I have quilt tops as well as quilts to bring along for this, and a few other bits and bobs too.
  • Status symbol or necessity?
    The twin faces of quilting through history. This looks at the common background and then the differences between the wealthy and the poorer quilters, the quilts they made, how they made them and how they used them.
  • Quilting the quilt: ‘Breaking out of the ditch’.
    How quilts were quilted, and what that can tell us.
  • From rags to riches.
    The story of feedsack quilts during the American depression.

Costs: One to one and a half hour talk £70 plus 45p per mile.

I am happy to travel longer distances, but will also then require accommodation/meals, and mileage may become an air or rail ticket. I am also happy to offer a talk with a workshop on the following day based on one or some of the antique quilts I’ve brought along.

Costs: One day add on workshop £150

Interested? Please email Sara at or phone 07864 511225 for workshop suggestions and to check dates and book a talk.


talks and presentations caption
A selection of quilts.

“Quilts are tactile – I always want to touch them. For my talks I will bring a selection of these quilts and use them to underpin and illustrate the talk”