Quilt Restoration

Do you have a well-loved quilt that you are worried about using any more because it might just fall to pieces on you? Have you inherited or acquired an antique or vintage quilt that needs some careful TLC to restore it to the beauty it should be? Not sure how to do it yourself? Don’t know who to ask? I might just be able to help you with that.

The amount and range of restoration work needed varies with every quilt, and needs a thorough assessment. The sort of work your quilt might need could include some or all of replacing patches, borders and bindings, replacing lost quilting stitches, resewing seams, attaching a hanging sleeve and replacing areas of lost or damaged embroidery. Please be aware that restoration is not appropriate for all quilts. Some might need conservation, a very different approach. What is the difference? Restoration is repairing damage, preventing further damage and returning the quilt to a usable state. The quilt should still be treated with the respect any aging and fragile textile deserves, and repairs should be made with historically accurate vintage or reproduction fabrics, but the idea is for you to be able to use and/or display it again when the work has been completed. Conservation preserves the quilt as it currently is. Conservators stabilize the damage to the quilt but they don’t do any work that cannot be undone. If your quilt has any historical significance I can advise you on whether conservation would be a more appropriate choice to make.

I will need to see the quilt “in the flesh” so to speak, and to ask you a whole slew of questions before I can make any recommendations regarding restoration. There is a fee of £75 for this initial assessment. Once we have agreed on a programme of work, I will prepare a detailed, written summary and quotation. Your signature and deposit is required before I begin any work. Quilts can be brought to me or mailed to me, but please, PLEASE, DO NOT send me your precious quilts without arranging to do so first. I can only work on one restoration project at a time, and the work is detailed and slow.

Please contact Sara by email sara@nullthequiltlady.co.uk or phone 07864 511225


cotton-reels caption text
Before restoration.
quilt restoration caption
Detail of a quilt.