Long Arm Quilting

Using a hand-guided HandiQuilter Fusion 24” machine on a 12’ table, I offer a range of professional quilt finishing services. From basting, edge 2 edge and pantographs, borders, custom quilting and on to binding, I can help you finish your quilts – leaving you with more time to enjoy creating the next one. Just think; no more layering and basting. No more fighting with large amounts of fabric and batting, and your sewing machine. No more struggling to find time to quilt. No more stress. No more worries.

  • Basting.
    Especially wonderful for hand quilters who don’t fancy either crawling around the floor on their hands and knees, or the hassle of pinning and basting the 3 layers –crease free – together.
  • Edge to edge.
    Pretty much what it says on the tin, e2e designs ignore the overall design of the top and deliver a random meandering design covering the entire top and producing a gorgeous, soft textured finish.
  • Pantographs.
    A more structured version of e2e designs following a clear, repeated pattern in rows over the whole quilt. This also gives a wonderful textured finish.
  • Borders.
    Creating a separate but complimentary design in the borders of your quilt, to add a degree of customised work without taking the next step.
  • Custom quilting.
    An individual, bespoke design created especially for your quilt. This is where ruler work, feathers and cross hatching come into play to enhance each area of your top and help it become the beauty it deserves to be. Ranging from a light custom design, which might incorporate some element of e2e or panto, on up to custom +, which as its name suggests is a fully customised design incorporating all the bells and whistles.
  • Binding.
    I can use your prepared binding, or cut and prepare your fabric for you, apply it by machine and leave it to you to finish as you wish, or do the whole lot – apply by machine and finish by hand. Your choice. The binding would be double fold with mitred corners.

Interested? Please email Sara on sara@nullthequiltlady.co.uk or phone 07864 511225 to arrange a day and time to take a look at your quilt top and discuss design options.

long arm quilting caption
A hand-guided HandiQuilter Fusion 24″ machine.

“I can help you finish your quilts – leaving you with more time to enjoy creating the next one.”



The Quilt Lady Price List 2013

All prices in £ sterling
Quilting Binding
Size E2E Panto Light Custom Custom Custom + Borders Baste Prepare Apply Finish
Cot approx 40″ x 50″ 45 55/60 from 55 from 60 from70 15 each 20 20 20 40
Lap approx 50″ x 60″ 60 60/70 from 65 from 70 from 80 15 each 25 25 25 50
Single approx 70″ x 90″ 80 90/100 from 90 from 100 from 105 15 each 30 30 30 60
Double approx 85″ x 100″ 105 110/125 from 110 from 125 from 130 20 each 40 40 40 80
Queen approx 95″ x 110″ 120 130/145 from 130 from 145 from 150 20 each 50 50 50 100
King approx 120″ x 120″ 135 140/155 from 145 from 160 from 175 25 each 70 60 60 120
  1. Please ensure top and backing fabrics are square.
  2. Backing fabric should be 8″ larger than quilt top.
  3. Please trim all thread tails on quilt top back.
  4. Batting, if supplied by you should be 6-8″ larger than the top. Batting is available from me. Currently Warm & Natural @ £ . /m.
  5. Prices include thread. If you wish to supply your own thread there will be no price reduction.
  6. Payment in full prior to collection via Paypal, or by cash at collection.
  7. Postage charged at cost.