Hello, and after months of radio silence, I felt I needed to come up for air, at least briefly, to say that I am still here and that really I have no excuse for not writing regularly except that time just seems to run away with me. It has been a busy and interesting year; plenty of visitors brave (or foolish) enough to risk life in the wilds of Cornwall; plenty of work on the house and in the garden; major exams to get through with my daughter; the arrival of a cat and later two dogs, ( yes, one would have been plenty, but we have two, what can I say?); several quilt exhibitions, and a new, part time job for me as a Registrar Ceremonies Officer. In between all of that, I have been busy with my long arm quilting, talks and quilt restoration. But at bottom, being the Luddite that I am, I resent the time and effort involved in driving a computer and so I’m usually happy to relegate any work that involves using one to the bottom of the heap.

Our next major project here will be my studio, and we are making a start on that this coming week, demolishing the existing front wall because it bows beautifully, but dangerously, out of true. The stone will be re-used to build an outer skin once the new block wall has been erected. I am putting all my faith in the work being finished in time for Open Studios 2015, which is May 23rd – 31st. Keep your fingers crossed for me. I will take pictures, and who knows, if I can summon the will to do battle with the computer, I may even get them onto my website or FB page.

As usual, I have several quilting projects lined up for all that free time I might have. More than a few that need finishing up, as well as the lure of the new. I am once again going to endeavour to work only from my stash for the coming year – we all know it’s certainly large enough to keep me going for several lifetimes, so just as long as I have just the right shade of whatever colour is essential, that should work. Right?

I hope you all manage to find some time over the holidays to fit some sewing in, enjoy the opportunity to spend time with loved ones, and sew, eat and drink far too much, and sew, sing along to all the Christmas music, and sew and watch all those great Christmas movies. And sew.

With love,


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